61688682_338663400059662_5525541057699250176_nKimberley Glissan

Kimberley Glissan is the founder and principal lawyer at Glissan & Associates. Kimberley is an experienced senior lawyer with a strong background in complex litigation.  She brings a combination of legal skill and commercial and business experience, having had over 24 years’ involvement in law as well as previous commercial management experience in the United States.

Accordingly, she understands the requirements of small and large businesses.  She has experience in drafting and negotiating contracts, alternative dispute resolution, as well as construction and administrative law on an international scale.  She has detailed knowledge of the law of wills and estates. Kimberley’s personal experience being both a citizen of the United States and Australia provides unique insight and understanding into immigration matters and visa applications.



Rebecca Watters

Rebecca joined the team at Glissan & Associates Lawyers in 2018, bringing with her four years’ experience working with a variety of highly respected barristers’ at H.B. Higgins Chambers located in Sydney’s CBD. Rebecca assists in the conduct of a diverse range of complex legal matters in an array of jurisdictions and has experience with commercial disputes, personal injury, criminal defence and family law mattes at Local and District Court levels. Rebecca has extensive experience in drafting court documents, providing advice and attending court.