At Glissan & Associates we are proud to represent a wide range of clients and their interests.

We work with multi-national corporations, small businesses and individuals, in matters commercial, criminal and civil.

We strive to not only deal with the matter at hand but to understand our client’s underlying legal issues. By developing a comprehensive solution, we are able to provide a distinctive and personalised legal service that supports our clients every step of the way.

We believe in providing you with accurate, well articulated and relevant advice. This ensures that we can read over any relevant material, identify the possible issues you’re facing, and give you an accurate idea as to what to expect from the courts, possible penalties and how long the matter might run for.

Glissan & Associates is a law firm that provides bespoke, comprehensive and supportive legal advice. With experience in commercial litigation, international family law matters, serious criminal charges, complex personal injuries matters and everything in between, we are positive we can assist you.

Having legal issues? Let us help.

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